Kingdom of Wow children’s slippers are handmade from a mix of soft Merino wool and high quality acrylic yarns from the Dutch yarn brand Scheepjes. Soft and comfortable, with flexible suede leather soles to prevent slipping. Our special pattern design ensures the slippers to stay in place while your child enjoys its play. The quality wool provides breathable insulation, meaning that the slippers can be worn comfortably for a large part of the year. Kingdom of Wow products are manufactured responsibly in our own workshop in Siem Reap, Cambodia

BLUES Sports Booties (1 -3 years old): Discontinued

  • Kingdom of Wow slippers can occasionally be machine-washed using a cold wool program. Dry flat to maintain shape. Regular machine washing is discouraged as it will cause pilling and increase the risk of shrinkage.

  • Not sure about the size? Place the child’s feet on a piece of paper, draw around them and measure the length.

    EUR 22-23 (1-2 yrs)  /   UK 5-6,5     /   14cm
    EUR 24-25 (2-3yrs)   /   UK 7-8        /   15cm
    EUR 25-26 (3 yrs)     /   UK 7,5-8,5  /   16cm