Your feet literally carry the full weight and play a pivotal role in stress-reduction and relaxation. Using non-confining materials such as yarn and suede leather, KOW slippers offer constraint-free movement. To enhance relaxation of the foot, and by extension, the entire body.

Materials matter, that is why we use only the best!


Made from a blend of Merino and micro-acrylic for durability, and adding a touch of sustainable Icelandic Lopi wool. KOW slippers have the benefits of all the good that wool has to offer:

Odour-free  Wool fibres can absorb large quantities of moisture vapour and move it away to evaporate into the air. So you’re not likely to get sweaty feet in KOW slippers, or smelly feet for that matter!

Cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s not   Wool is a natural fibre that reacts to changes in your body’s temperature. Sheep can wear their coat year-  round because of this thermoregulation. And it makes our slippers perfect for year-round use as well.

Antimicrobial and mould-resistant  Wool has a coating of acids that inhibit the growth of mould, mildew and bacteria. So it requires less washing and will keep fresh even after repeated use.

Suede leather

High quality (and sustainably made) cow and goat split leather is used for the soles of KOW slippers.

Flexibility  The suede leather sole is soft and flexible, as opposed to the rigidness of regular soles. They are there, but you don’t feel them.

Anti skid The suede leather soles prevent natural wear and tear of the yarns and allow you to walk around your house safely without slipping.


The suede leather soles are attached to the socks with Dyneema®, the world’s strongest and lightest fibre. With Dyneema, the inevitable friction from movement will not easily lead to wear and tear.

And.. they're entirely handmade!

All these quality materials are put in the hands of our skilled artisans who turn them into slippers. From the crochet work to cutting and attaching the soles, it's all done by our capable KOW production team!
They take great care in making your slippers, and we take great care of them. You can read more about our efforts in responsible manufacturing here.